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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Next Print Project

Do you have a print deadline that needs the fastest turn-around time possible? If speed is of utmost importance, here are several ways you can improve efficiency as you take your project to print:

1. Plot Your Course and Communicate Early

Early planning and communication are vital when starting a print project. When possible, get your printer’s input early regarding design, editing, and due date. Setting a schedule with your printer can directly impact the speed with which your project is finished. As soon as you coordinate these details, you can establish a timely framework that both parties will stick to.

2. Ask Questions Upfront

When partnering with a design professional, be sure to clarify pricing at the start. Will you be paying a flat project fee or hourly rate? What services are included? Clarify how long the project will take, how often you’ll review the work, and how many revisions are allowed.

3. Allow for More Time on Larger Projects

Professional printers are very efficient, but big projects still take time. Designing one piece can be quick, but re-branding or crafting large-scale exhibit pieces can take a significant amount of time, especially if there are questions about the design specs for your project. One mistake can disrupt an entire campaign, so allow extra time for big projects, and both parties will have leeway to handle hiccups in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

4. Assemble All the Elements

Attend to the precise details of copy, timeline, and photography at the start, and be sure those in authority have given these elements the green light before the task proceeds. Your project will involve many pieces, and if they are aligned from the start, your design dollars to be maximized with fewer delays. While you may not have precise details ironed out, clarifying project parameters is key to finishing on time and on budget!

5. Err on the Side of Simplicity

Creativity is cool, but if swiftness is your goal, keep designs simple. If you’re short on time, be sure that your design is easy on the eyes and uses basic graphics, fonts, and materials. If you have templates on hand (from previous projects), consider adapting or editing these for the fastest possible output.

6. Avoid Alterations Once a Design Has Been Sent

Check your design before sending it to the printer. Proof everything with multiple editors before it leaves your office. Every alteration or edit can cost you valuable time. Once your design has been received by the printing company, there should be no need to make changes unless it is vital to do so.

Better Together

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