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Be Direct – Strategic Planning and Event Selection

Be Direct - Strategic Planning and Event Selection-1

VIP client entertainment, educational speakers and seminars, employee outings, business ground breakings or open houses, sponsorships of sports or cultural events, community and nonprofit activity support…the opportunities to utilize events to achieve marketing results are endless.


Event marketing is a strategic tool that can produce results not attainable through any other marketing vehicle. Marketing through targeted special events provides high visibility and personal interaction with select audiences and gives you a showcase platform.


Whether you are launching a new business, product or brand, building community support or looking for a personal way to reach customers, employees or prospects, event marketing can help you reach your goal. At a special event, you’re able to gain the time, attention and focus of your attendees more effectively than any other marketing medium.


Regardless of whether, you are considering an existing event that is well established or creating a new event from scratch, take the time to select, plan and develop the special event that best fits your needs.  Make sure that the event represents the image you want to portray. Is it unique? Does it send the right message? Do you stand out? Are you one of dozens of names on the event or does it provide an opportunity to “make it your own?”


Consider your objectives, budget, target audience interests and needs, company image, and how you will measure results of the event. Identify the special event and approach that will help deliver both immediate and longer-term payoffs including:


• Enhanced customer loyalty and retention

• Increased sales

• New customer development and relationship building

• Enhanced employee relations

• Attraction of new talent

• Increased visibility as a community leader/supporter

• Philanthropic recognition


Events can be structured to provide tremendous relationship-building, sales generation, new business development and recruitment opportunities.  Events can also increase community visibility and reinforce your name and brand to secondary audiences who don’t attend, but are aware of the event. Consider the broad spectrum of benefits which may be included with the event:


• Special seating and VIP receptions which may include exclusive behind the scenes opportunities.

• On-site visibility through banners, signage, event program ads, public address announcements, display areas which may distribute literature or other product promotions.

• Public awareness through advertising or publicity of the event.


We encourage you to give some thought to how special events can help your organization strengthen customer relationships, expand your customer base and cultivate the myriad of employee and community partnerships that can yield payoffs for years to come.


Post by Mehdi Alister


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