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Analog/Digital Divide – What Can You Do With Online Marketing?

Analog/Digital Divide - What Can You Do With Online Marketing?-1The marketing landscape has changed. Everyone knows it. With the onset of mobile devices, the proliferation of the Internet and the extreme changes in the economy, the services people were once skeptical to use are being adopted en mass, especially in marketing where professionals are always looking for the next best way to communicate with the world.

There are several benefits to online marketing and some offer better returns on investment than others. The first huge benefit are the large number of media choices you have at your disposal in the online space. Between text, video, audio, online forms and blogs there are a multitude of interactive methods to use to engage your customers and prospects.

Secondly, targeting your message becomes not only easier but also more affordable. You can tailor your message to a very narrow focus to be very selective and cost effective as you are no longer trying to blanket the entire world with your message.

One of the biggest advantages is that Internet messaging is trackable in real time and as a result your offer/message can be adjusted in real time to keep it fresh and relevant.

Finally, in the online space, if a customer or prospect likes the message, they can convert themselves, they don’t require the intervention of a team member, they can go ahead and do their research, make their decision and act upon it without any further interaction from any member of your team. This does not excuse you from maintaining customer contact but it does free up your team to focus on how to further your reach.

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