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Analog/Digital Divide – Balancing Print Versus Digital Content and Distribution

It is easy to be fooled by the idea that print newsletters are no longer needed. So much more can be accomplished with an e-newsletter and there is always the ever escalating cost of postage, especially for “flats”.

On closer and more careful evaluation, however, there is a very strong case for implementing an integrated approach utilizing both print and “e” versions. Let’s look at some the reasons:

Print versions offer the publisher some unique advantages. These include

  1. Control over how it’s brand looks on paper (exact colors, type of paper, fonts and overall completed look (as opposed to a number of pages stapled together)
  2. Portability for the user to read in a far broader range/nature of locations
  3. Creating a connection with the reader that credibly presents the most compelling reasons to go on-line and experience the extended “multi-media” version of the newsletter
  4. Readers are provided with an option that does not force them to go on-line (believe it or not, there are still many people who prefer to read printed news/information).
Conversely, e-versions offer a large number of advantages that print can never hope to match. These include
  1. Extended depth of coverage of any topic contained in the newsletter the reader may choose to explore
  2. Use of audio and video content that can immeasurably enhance the user experience
  3. Hyper links to relevant content from previous publications and/or to complementary web-sites further enhancing the user experience (and publisher’s brand value)
  4. Of course there is no requirement for postage (but there is substantially increased expenses related to graphic design, website resources etc).

Beyond these considerations are other important factors re-enforcing the merits of both print and e-newsletters. These will be discussed in future commentaries.


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