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Score a Print Job Home Run – 3 Tips in 3 Days (Tip 1)

Setting Up for Success

The difference between scoring a home run and striking out with your print job is relatively easy to achieve. Some simple steps that are often overlooked can make or break a design project. Often, these questions are not considered nor known when a document is being created.

Where to find our page size options in Word

Tip #1: Sizing Up Your Project

The length and width of a page layout is one of the most common overlooked setup decisions that can directly effect how your finished piece will look. The best practice is to create your project at the exact size of your requested printed piece. Enlarging or shrinking a layout at the time of production can have a negative effect on how your pictures look, or how your text is displayed. Most page layout programs have easy-to-use Page Setup tools. Before you begin a page layout, select your page size to exactly match your desired print size.

Check in with us tomorrow for Tip #2: Add Some Art to Your Artwork.


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