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Fonts are Forgotten: 3 Print Tips in 3 Days (Tip 3)

Fonts, or typefaces, are the styles of art used to create how your words look in a design. Proper font selection can make or break a design. Certain fonts are used only for headlines, others only for large amounts of text, known as body copy. Most designs are beautiful using only one to three different font types—try to resist using more than three fonts, as your design may look too busy.

Where to find "Options" in Microsoft WordThere are literally thousands of fonts in the world, and print shops do not have access to every font. If your project looks complete on your computer, it may or may not open properly on a computer that does not have your special fonts installed. You may be allowed to send a copy of your font file with your project, depending on the restrictions surrounding the font when you purchased it. You can also include your fonts in a Word document, also called embedding. Embedding a font into a Word document is easy — the option is located under “Word Options” in the Main menu. Select the “Save” option, and click on the checkbox at the bottom of the list that says “Embed fonts in the file”. This will allow a Word document to appear on any computer, exactly how you want it to look.

Where you find the embed fonts feature

This is tip #3 of a 3-part series. If you haven’t read tips 1 and 2 yet, be sure to check them out.

Tip #1: Score a Print Job Home Run: Sizing Up Your Project.

Tip #2: Add Some Art to Your Artwork

Be sure to check in again next week for a color tutorial.


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