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Color Psychology in Branding

Have you wondered why certain companies choose blue over red in logo design? Selecting a color that matches your company’s core mission and values is an important part of your brand identity and one that should not be overlooked or taken lightly.

At AlphaGraphics Northbrook, we can design your company’s logo and marketing materials based on what feelings your want to elicit from your customers. Whether it’s a logo, business card, brochure or direct mail—our design experts use color in a way that can help evoke certain feelings from clients.

Learn about the psychology of color when it comes to logo design and branding.

Psychology of Color

Black can evoke strong emotions and is often authoritative and powerful. Other words used to describe black are: sophistication, power, elegance and fear.

Blue is often the favorite color and see as trustworthy and dependable. Other words used to describe blue are: open, signify, modern, purpose, perspective, content, communication and awareness.

Brown is the color of earth is associated with natural and organic things. Other words used to describe brown are stability, approachability and reliability.

Gray is perceived as a classic and often seen as sleek or refined. Other words to describe gray are: intellect, knowledge, wisdom, conservative and neutral.

Green is often seen as tranquil and refreshing. Other words used to describe green are: balance, growth, clarity, sanctuary, generous, nature, peaceful and positivity.

Indigo is seen as an understanding color that often provokes personal thoughts. Other words used to describe indigo are: understanding, calm, responsible, wisdom and profound insights.

Orange radiates warmth and energy. Other words used to describe orange are: optimistic, spontaneity, instinct, friendly and cheerful.

Pink is often youthful, fun and exciting, similar to red but not as aggressive. Other words used to describe pink are: love, respect, feminine, warmth, passion, sensitive and nurture.

Purple is recognized as a royal color and is also associated with creative and eccentric types. Other words used to describe purple are: deep, creativity, original, individual, wise and fantasy.

Red is recognized as a stimulant and tends to draw attention. Other words used to describe red are: bold, passionate, exciting, active, youthful, energy and confidence.

Yellow is often associated with happiness, optimism and enlighten. Other words used to describe yellow are: energy, fun, encouragement and determination.

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