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Using Infographics to Explain Information and Data

Infographics (information graphics) are graphic visuals that are used to represent data, research and other information in a compelling and clear way. The use of infographics is becoming increasingly more popular, especially in the realm of social media. Using infographics in social media is a great way to include more images and tell your story in a new and different way. AlphaGraphics Northbrook can help you throughout the entire creation process.

Tell a Story
Rethink how you use those lengthy data reports and research projects; you can now share your findings with an infographic. Data and research can be used in an innovative way to tell a story to your customers. Pull out important figures, words, or key findings that help support your message. An infographic holds no meaning unless there is an underlying story – do you have a complicated process that would be easy to visually explain or what about a complex set of information you need to explain? Then decide if your story is worth telling – does it affect a large enough consumer base, would you be interested in reading it?

Share your Infographic
Infographics are the perfect material to share on social media sites since these outlets tend to be driven by visuals. Posts typically get more interactions if it includes an engaging image. You can also share your infographic in an email sent to your consumers, post it to your website and even include it in a press release if the content relates to your news.

How we can Help
At AlphaGraphics Northbrook, we have a team of expert content writers and designers at your fingertips who are available to sift through information and create an engaging and visually appealing infographic to be shared over multiple channels. There are many different ways to create a compelling infographic from traditional charts and graphs or different layouts like a map or diagram, our team will work with you in figuring out the best way to visually tell your story. AlphaGraphics Northbrook can help you with creating overall concept, writing the content and choosing the key information to include and designing the final infographic.

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