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How to Have a Successful Event Presence at Northbrook Events & Trade Shows

If you’re attending an event or trade show in Northbrook, make sure you have a presence that helps you stand out among other vendors and businesses. AlphaGraphics Northbrook can help you prepare for your upcoming event.


Event Must-Haves

– Signage – Your signage capabilities can vary from event to event, but it is best to be prepared by having both floor displays and tabletop displays. This way you’re covered if a certain trade show only allows for tabletop signage. Signage helps establish your presence and will draw individuals to your area, it also helps give off the appearance of being professional.


– Tablecloth – A basic tablecloth with your logo on it will come in handy for all events. It helps you appear professional by hiding cords and boxes of marketing materials or giveaways. Our advice is to avoid a white tablecloth that can show dirt or spills easier than darker colors.


– Brochures/Flyers -Don’t forget to bring your brochures or flyers to hand out to attendees. Prior to your event, make sure your materials are current and that you have a large enough quantity for the estimated number of guests.


– Business Cards – Business cards aren’t dead! In addition to your brochures or flyers, bring business cards to hand out to your possible new leads. This will provide your connections with the most direct way to contact you. Be sure that your contact information is still correct.


– An element of fun – Provide attendees with an element of excitement that will make them want to visit your booth. Whether it’s branded giveaways, a special drawing for individuals who give their business card or sign up emails or a limited-time discount, give individuals a reason to visit and remember you.


How we can help

AlphaGraphics Northbrook can support all your trade show and event needs. From designing engaging displays to professional printed marketing materials and business cards, we will help you prepare for your big event.

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