Effective Wayfinding and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signage for Hospitals, Health Systems, and Medical Centers

As the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic continues, there’s more urgency for effective temporary wayfinding and COVID-19 signage in hospitals, health systems, and media centers. A wayfinding signage system is critical for hospitals and AlphaGraphics Oceanside is here to help. We have the knowledge and know-how in offering pressure-sensitive wayfinding signage and COVID-19 signs that include: interior floor decals and graphics, exterior floor graphics, and exterior temporary signage.


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Floor Decals and Graphics

Interior Floor Decals & Graphics

Floor graphics can be useful in wayfinding and communicating designated specific rooms and areas that are restricted or quarantined. Our interior floor decals and graphics are tough and resistant to scratches, scuffs, and marks. Floor graphics can help improve communication of hospital protocols that increase productivity. As Chris Hermann from Eagle Sign said, “If you have a sign on the wall it may not be noticed but put that same message on the floor and it does get noticed.” Also, our interior floor decals and graphics are slip and skid-resistant. They are thick enough to be durable, yet thin enough so they meld right into the floor and they’re not a nuisance for people or machinery to walk or drive over.


If you have a sign on the wall it may not be noticed but put that same message on the floor and it does get noticed – Chris Hermann, Eagle Sign


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Signage for Hospitals, Health Systems, and Medical Centers


Informational Displays

For hospitals and healthcare, it’s important to keep the public informed about safety precautions, designated check-in and testing areas, procedural changes in common areas, and other safety guidelines. From retractable banners to regulatory signage, we have a wide range of interior signage that could help communicate these messages across your facilities.


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Exterior Floor Graphics for Hospitals and Medical Centers

Exterior Floor Graphics

In high pressure-sensitive settings, it’s best to overcommunicate. We can help with strategic placement that will be effective and durable. Our exterior floor graphics are weather-proof, tear and scuff resistant, high-quality black and white or bold full-color, and available in temporary or permanent adhesives. They are easy to adhere to virtually any surface, including stairs, brick, stucco, cinder block, wood and vinyl, and pavement.


Exterior Temporary Signage 

With increasing congestion at hospitals and medical centers, it’s important to communicate precautions and alerts to visitors. Our printing technology enables us to print crisp signs of virtually any size and shape, on nearly any material, including acrylic, foam core, glass, wood, aluminum, and vinyl. We can also add a QR or SMS Short Code on signage to direct visitors to a mobile version of your website.


Our dedicated staff is ready to help with temporary wayfinding and COVID-19 signage. Call us today at (760) 722-1485 or email us at sales760@alphagraphics.com to start customizing your signage.

Posted by Tom Guminski