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Custom Contour and Router Cutting

Photo Frame

Custom Cut Social Media Cut Out Props

If you think that custom router cutting shapes are impossibly expensive and take forever with expensive set-up cost, think again. Expensive one-time metals dies and long lead times have been replaced by digital die-lines and fast turn times. Long ago if you wanted special business cards cut into the shape of say a baseball or football, it would require a tradesman to craft a sharp metal cutting pattern that would be manually crafted into a wood cutting board for the cutting process.

Today, we can quickly and inexpensively take your PDF file, use specialized software to “extract” the outer cutting edge. With this info we can create a custom shape router file for our new Zünd digital die cutting machine. Imagine the creativity and special occasions that can be enhanced with unique router cut shaped printed products. Not only card stock but plastics, wood, glass and other materials can be cut and shaped.


Foam core, Gator or Ultra board also can be custom router cut making fun social media picture frames and hashtag boards that make your brand and social media hit high gear. Getting traction or trending on Instagram or Facebook shift into overdrive when you enhance the pictures with fun props and easy to identify custom router cut shaped visuals.

We have used the router to cut out inexpensive foam board to make attractive tables and backdrops for conferences and trade shows. We first print in full color 1/2″ thick foam core boards then cut the individual pieces that easily slide or snap together making great marketing pieces.

Another area unique to short run router cutting is custom boxing and packaging. Why put ugly labels on standard sized boxes when you can print full color custom packages or boxes for your product and gifts. Look like the big guys and produce your own private labeled or branded boxes in small quantities as few as 10 or 25 boxes. Traditionally printed full color corrugated boxes take weeks or months to produce with large minimum orders.

Decals and labels are another area that excel with custom router cut shapes. From hard hat decals, to window and wall graphics, floor graphics and signage all custom router cut in any shape you can think of. The limits of design go out the window when you add another element: custom cut shapes.

Recently we started producing product sample and mockup boxes for major retailers who want to tray different boxing concepts on the shelves prior to ordering large quantities. The ability to print mock up, prototypes and concept samples as finished boxes saves thousands of dollars and weeks or months of production time.

So the next time you think a custom cut shape is too expensive or time consuming, give AlphaGraphics on Camelback a call for unique and creative custom router die cutting.

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