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Custom Projects, And Lots of Them!

So, you finally decided to print a brochure, or maybe get a vinyl banner created for your monthly open house or even decals for hard hats. Well, now comes the fun part . . .  creating the perfect layout or eye-catching, attention-getting design. Custom projects requite custom design.

If you follow the herd and go online, the odds are pretty high that your brochure or vinyl banner is going to look very similar, if not exactly like a few thousand others. Basically you are typing your information into a pre-designed template many others have used.

What to do? Come to AlphaGraphics on Camelback. We have professional graphic designers who won’t charge you an arm and a leg. Come talk to us, look at samples. We can show you color charts, type faces that work and paper stocks that are the perfect compliment to your brand.

Sometimes you need a little help to get started and that is a great use of the internet. Browse away and get some idea of what you like and dislike design wise. You may even be able to find similar companies to yours not to copy, but to validate your ideas and make sure your final text and layout are following “best in class” look and feel.

One of the easiest ways we can assist you (and lower your design costs!) is for you to have a more clear cut plan of attack. By doing some basic internet searching, you can pretty easily narrow down what you like (and don’t like). Print out your top two or three layouts, and also print out any great color combination. Next, fire up a word processor and put some of your “word smithing” and copy writing skills to use.

Drop all this onto a USB jump drive, bring it to us and let us create some custom designs that will get you noticed, and get you business.

Once we print out your samples, we will discuss options and pricing with you. We charge by the hour for graphic design, billed in quarter hour increments. We are very fair and you will know your design costs before we even start.

Generally, in a few days to a week or so at most, we will have a first, initial draft for you to review and proofread. Usually the PDF file proof is emailed to you, but you can also stop in and see it printed out. Often this is the first time you will see the combination of your idea and text all brought together with a creative flair. You are not done yet.

Take a few minutes to admire your work (and ours!), then get to work proof reading for any errors (it is always the devil in the details).

Finally, after a few more tweaks, changes and revisions your master piece is ready to go to press! Prior to printing your whole order, we will print a final production proof for you to feel, touch and show your friends for some last minute “proof of concept” approval. A good idea is to have a few people who were not part of the process take a look (and close read) of your proof. It is always eye opening how many not involved people can find an obvious omission or error.

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