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Graphic Design, Use a Professional!

Graphics design is almost always an area where small businesses and non-profits try to scrimp and save money. The only problem with this plan is that the cost to print a brochure, annual report or any marketing piece is the exact same when we print a poor design as it is when we print a great design. The big difference is the end results from a professionally designed printed or electronic digital campaign is usually more effective by a large margin.

It is really easy to use your in-house “talent” to try to produce a compelling design, but time and time again we see in-house designed pieces are far from compelling. In fact, often the design is of such low quality that the money spent on print production would be better spent by lowering the quantity printed or complexity of the printed piece and hiring a professional graphic designer.

An additional problem with in-house or non-professionally designed print files is that often we have to charge our clients fees to fix these files so that they will print properly. Common problems are files produced with low resolution logo and picture files, finished cut sizes incorrect to fold properly or fit into standard envelopes sizes and files created with too many colors to print properly causing higher than needed print costs.

The good news is not all is lost with your in-house design creation(s). Give us a few days and a we would be happy to re-work your designs with one of our onsite degreed graphic designers. We bill on an hourly basis ($70 to $85 per hour depending on the project) billed in quarter hour increments. Far cheaper than an advertising agency or dedicated design firm. Better yet, our turn times for graphic design is usually a few days, not weeks. We also store all your files on our servers for safe keeping and easy updates in the future.

Plenty of our clients use our designers to supplement their in-house capabilities or to work with file or branding originally created by an agency or corporate office. We routinely work non-profits, small and medium sized businesses. What many people would be surprised to know is that about 25% of all or graphic design work we produce is for nationally known brands or chains. While these companies employ both in-house and ad agencies for creative and branding work, they rely on us to take national campaigns and personalize them for local markets. We are very comfortable working with in and upholding corporate brand guides and strands such as logo usage, matching corporate PMS and Pantone colors and font usage. Creating a cohesive national branding can go haywire if not implemented properly at the local level, and that is where our graphic designer earn their keep policing brand images.

If you would like to learn more about our logo creation, graphic design and layout services or simply how to fix your JPEG file or PDF file, give us a call at 602-263-0122.

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