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Digital Printing in 2019 = Quality . . . FAST!

In the old days, (circa 1995) digital printing meant giving up quality and compromising on fine detail and living with pleasing, not vivid color. Flash forward twenty five years and long gone are the days when you could get one, or the other. Speed or Quality. Digital printing has advanced to a level now that many if not all projects being digitally printed are at a quality level equal to, or better than tradition offset printing.

In early 2019 we added our newest HP 7900 Indigo digital printing press to compliment our existing fleet. Speed, quality, unique capabilities such as white ink under printing, variable data printing. And imagine printing from your database, with amazing results and opportunities to modern day marketing savvy companies.

Uneven color and blotches used to be the norm. Today, graphic designers create wonderful design featuring full color floods of color. Designs that bleed off the edge and perfectly match up when turning pages. Gone are the days when the designer had to “design-around” the machines printing deficiencies. The HP Indigo digital printing presses do not use toner like copy machines. Instead, they use a hybrid like wet ink more similar to traditional offset inks. Crisp, clean blends and gradient transitions from color to color are precise, and consistent from sheet-to-sheet on runs of just a few, or thousands.

Need it fast? Not a problem. We can easily take your PDF file and in a jiffy (usually 24-48 hours or less!) you’re finished printed product is ready.


We offer many paper and finishing options. From a wide range of coated gloss paper and cover stocks in many different weight and finishes. Specialty pearlescent papers with a luminescent sparkle that creates a stunning visual effect, giving a radiant appearance that shines through the printed image. For the more traditional uses, we offer a stunning array of extra fine and heavy cover stocks, many with rich texture and many color options.

Still confused on what is available on your next project . . . and in a RUSH? Stop by, look at samples, give us a call. In fact, send us a file and get a sample print created for your exact project today.

AlphaGraphics Camelback

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