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Think LARGE! – Posters, Signs and Banners

Signs, Posters and Banners in Phoenix ArizonaHow much does a sign, banner or poster effect your decision making process? Recent studies indicate that it has a major effect on your initial decision to explore a purchase from a vendor.

Here are some things to consider from that study:

79% remembered a business at a later time just because of the sign
76% actually entered the business because of the sign or banner
75% told someone else about a business because of a sign that they saw
51% went home and looked up the business because of a sign or banner they saw
53% told another person about the specific sign or banner

It seems that the magic number of signs is three. This study showed the effects of multiple signs and the best bang for the buck was 2.8 signs.

The process of making signs used to be expensive and had a long lead time. Today’s digital technology allows a printer, such as AlphaGraphics, the ability to quickly design a sign, print the sign and then mount it on the appropriate materials. We also provide installation services for many of the signs and banners that we produce. Our signs are produced on equipment we have in-house or we have dedicated trade vendors who produce our products for us.

Here are some of our recent products in the sign, banner and poster arenas:

Outside and inside banners
Tradeshow banner stands and backdrops
Window clings and decals
Golf tournament sponsor signs
Corrugated Real Estate signs
Feather cloth banners
Posters used for directions and event information
Window vinyl including installation
Custom printed tablecloths
Custom wallpaper for offices
Menu Boards
Backdrops for video and photos
Street side A-Frames

Use plenty of white space. Your message needs to be simple and it needs to stand out. Using a lot of white space improves the message.

Bold colors rule. Yes, you have to consider the colors of your brand, but the bolder the colors, the more your message will pop.

Location, location, location. The right location is paramount to getting the message out to your customers and prospects. Choose a high traffic area for posting your message.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Use images to catch the eye.

Go 3 dimensional.  A sign that can be seen from different angles improves your chances that your message will be seen.

We are ready to help you with your signage needs. Please give our staff a call.

Stephen Eugene Adams

Posted by Stephen Eugene Adams