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3 Ways AlphaGraphics Can Improve Your Customer Retention

Customer RetentionDid you know that it can be up to 10 times more expensive to find a new customer than it is to retain an existing one? Customer retention is the active effort of keeping your current customers and clients happy. By providing excellent customer service, steady communication and special incentives to keep clients long-term, you ensure that your company continues to work with the people who help your business.

At AlphaGraphics, we know what it takes to ensure customer retention for your business. Working closely with you, our marketing team will help you implement customer loyalty programs and services that include:

Direct Mail - Thank You

Direct mail marketing 

Even with the digital revolution at hand, traditional “snail” mail will always be an important medium for reaching new customers, and it should not be overlooked as an effective customer loyalty tool either. It is powerful, relevant, and has a tangible cost. Sending direct mail, especially if it is personalized, says to your customers, “You are worth the effort.”

Consider setting up a series of mailers throughout the year that will nurture your relationship with your customers. A thank you note, a birthday greeting, a holiday card – the constant contact will demonstrate at regular intervals that you are sincerely grateful for their business and care about their relationship with you.

Promotional products 

A great way to invest in your current clients and keep your business “front of mind” for your customers is to give away promotional items that reflect your company’s key images and messages. People are likely to keep fun and functional giveaways, and promotional items create a positive affiliation with your company. They can help you reach an audience far beyond your targeted boundaries and will make your business memorable long after visitors leave.

Email marketing 

Email is a powerful way to stay in touch and to stay inside your customers’ inboxes and re-enforce the positive value of your business. That means keeping them engaged, and keeping them informed on how to best use your product or service so they get maximum value. Email marketing is a great way to promote events, special deals and more, and may include newsletters, news and updates, press releases and surveys.

AlphaGraphics Plano is a Print and Marketing Communications Firm with a team of professionals who know what it takes to help you retain your most important customers. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from building databases to following through with promotional products, customer loyalty programs and more.


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