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5 Tips for Using QR Codes to Promote Your Business

QR Code Scanning

As the number of smartphone users continues to climb, an effective new way for companies and individuals to interact has emerged –QR Codes. These dynamic, 2-dimensional barcodes allow you to direct customers to a specific webpage, designed with a targeted message. When “scanned” with the camera of a mobile device, the QR code leads users to engaging and relevant online content.

Business owners are eager to stand out in today’s media market, which is why they continue to engage in unique and interactive marketing methods like QR codes. When you work with AlphaGraphics Plano, we’ll help you integrate these codes into a variety of different marketing materials. Here are a few quick tips for using QR codes to promote your business the right way:

1. Give people a good reason to scan your QR Code

Driving action is essential to using QR codes in marketing. Scanning a code takes time and effort. Most people won’t bother with the process just to view an advertisement. So it’s important to drive action by offering something of value through your QR codes.

2. Link your QR code to content optimized for mobile devices

When integrating QR codes into your marketing campaign remember, above all else, that QR code scanners are used on smartphones.

3. Add another dimension to your basic business cards

QR Code business cardPlacing a QR code on your business card provides potential customers a convenient, interactive way to learn more about your company. Effective QR codes for a business card would be to connect to social media, download contact information, display your Yelp reviews or offer product details.

4. Personalize product packaging, t-shirts, apparel and other promotional items

QR code promo productsOne good thing about QR codes is that they are so versatile and can easily be incorporated on your promotional products and trade show giveaways. Some promotional items work better for QR codes than others. Collapsible koozies or plastic frisbees allow for a generously-sized code for easy scanning and are fun giveaways that people are likely to keep. Personalized totes are most commonly associated with grocery stores, but they’re not exclusive to that industry. Consider printing a scannable special offer on your bags and get people to keep coming back. Keytags, magnets and stress relief cubes can also be great vehicles for your QR codes.

5. Integrate into magazine and print ads

By placing a QR code on your magazine and print ads, you invite people to interact with your company in a whole new way. The data encoded in QR codes could lead users to a special coupon, display a contest entry form or sign up for email newsletters from your business.

QR codes should be a part of any mobile marketing campaign, as they give companies the opportunity to provide interesting, engaging and relevant content to current and potential customers in a whole new way. To learn more about how you can revolutionize the way you reach out to your targeted audiences, contact the team at AlphaGraphics Plano today.


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