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Traditional Print Media Is An Important Component Of Cross Media Campaigns

“Cross Media Marketing” may be one of the new buzz words for marketing professionals, advertising executives, and forward thinking business owners; but traditional print media is proving to be an important component of the most successful cross media campaigns.

iPhone - Alpha GraphicsWhat is the best way to convey a message that gets results in today’s fast paced, information saturated world?

The dilemma may not be print versus digital, but rather the most effective combination of print, social media, internet marketing, and personal communication. Much like the conductor of an orchestra must concern him or herself with the blending of all instruments and musicians, so must the marketing professional consider all of the channels and players available. The types of medium used should be selected based on target market, goals of the campaign, and the overall experience one is attempting to create.

A printed piece, such as a direct mail postcard or formal invitation, is often the entry point into a campaign. Scientific studies have not definitively answered the question as to whether or not the human brain better retains information when reading printed verses digital communication, however it is easy to grasp the benefits a tactile experience and focus a well printed piece brings to the table. As a marketing campaign progresses, additional printed pieces can prove valuable. Signs and displays are used to reinforce a message, informative brochures and booklets allow the recipient to explore the information at their leisure, and additional direct mail pieces serve as reminders.

Digital media; including email, the web, mobile apps, and social media; also serves its purpose in cross media campaigns. The constant use and access of electronic media, as well as ease and affordability, make it particularly attractive when attempting to increase the number of touches to a target. However, because most individuals are already inundated with electronic messages, the effectiveness of this type of marketing may be more successful if combined with other forms of communication.

Wi-Fi - Alpha GraphicsPersonal communication and the use of a sales force cannot be overlooked in a cross media campaign. Personalized service and support are often the hallmark of a successful business. Providing a sales force with the proper tools, both printed and digital, can increase their effectiveness and strengthen their ability to communicate and serve customers.

Equally as important as the proper mix of print and digital communication is the cohesiveness of the pieces.

The elements should be designed to create an experience for the person receiving them. The printed introduction should lead to a landing page or Facebook cover with cohesive design elements and the same offer, all aimed at creating interest, trust, and eventually a positive purchasing experience. In contrast, elements that are not cohesive, will lead to confusion and disconnect. Follow up emails and in-store advertising and displays should have similar elements.

CohesivenessDeveloping a cross media campaign may initially seem a daunting task, but ignoring any of the elements could lead to lackluster results in today’s competitive environment. Involving both internal and external team members with experience in both digital and print mediums in the initial stages of the campaign is essential to a healthy beginning, middle and end. With all of the elements working together, a cross media campaign has the potential to yield exponential results.

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