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AlphaGraphics Portland is Now FSC Certified!

AlphaGraphics Portland is Now FSC Certified!-1The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests.
•    FSC is a stakeholder owned system for promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.
•    Through consultative processes, it sets international standards for responsible forest management.
•    It accredits independent third party organizations who can certify forest managers and forest product producers to FSC standards.
•    Its trademark provides international recognition to organizations who support the growth of responsible forest management.
•    Its product label allows consumers worldwide to recognize products that support the growth of responsible forest management worldwide.
•    FSC undertakes marketing programs and information services that contribute to the mission of promoting responsible forestry worldwide.
•    Over the past 13 years, over 90 million hectares in more than 70 countries have been certified according to FSC standards while several thousand products are produced using FSC certified wood and carrying the FSC trademark. FSC operates through its network of National Initiatives in 45 countries. FSC sets high standards that ensure forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable way.

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