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Mobile Website Design

Does Your Business Need a Mobile-Friendly Website?

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With millions of smartphone users across the globe, it’s vital for businesses to offer a mobile-friendly website. Is your business taking advantage of the mobile marketplace and the substantial revenue it can provide?

When prospects or customers visit your website, they have a specific reason in mind. Today, the reality is that the majority of website visitors will be viewing your site on a mobile device. Are you presenting a professional, user-friendly experience? 

The mobile marketing and design team at AlphaGraphics can help you create an accessible, polished, mobile website that expertly showcases your products and services. From smartphones to tablets, we develop mobile websites to fit every device.

Mobile Website Design-2Your Mobile Website Should Include:

A SIMPLER INTERFACE: Structure your site so the essentials are front and center.

MINIMIZED CONTENT: Design your website content with a smaller screen in mind.

DIRECTIONS AND MAPS: Viewers should be able to find you on the go.

CALL TO ACTION BUTTONS:  Make it easy for users to explore your site, buy from and contact you.

A GUIDE FOR YOUR AUDIENCE: Cater to your user’s needs by targeting the navigation menu to their purposes for visiting.

Contact the AlphaGraphics South Salt Lake marketing team today and go mobile with a mobile-friendly website! Call 801-461-0500 and talk to Gregg, Christian or Jon.

John Taylor

Posted by John Taylor