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Mission Statement Card Marketing

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Mission Statement Card Marketing
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In the business world, an inspirational mantra, or mission statement, can help your organization make a memorable connection with your customers and clients.

Once you have created the perfect message, mission statement cards can be a great way to put your mantra to work and ensure it is read and remembered. While mission statement cards can be printed in any size and shape, they generally range from playing card size to postcard size and are printed on heavy stock paper to ensure they stand apart and make an impact.

Mission statement cards differ from typical thank you cards because they offer an intimate glimpse into your brand’s personality, purpose, and goals.

Include mission statement cards with your packages, as statement stuffers in existing mailings, to hand out at important events, or to include with your receipt for purchases. Mission statement cards can also be distributed in training and recruitment materials. Not only can your mission statement act as a screening tool, but it can also provide an overview of your organization’s mission and core values during training or on-boarding.

If you’d like help creating the perfect mission statement card for your organization, our creative team would love to help. Give us a call today!


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