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Print is not dead!


A common chat among marketing people is how the print media stands in the online era? A lot of people ask us how if the printing in paper is going down. Searching around you can find a lot articles and references about this subject that we can to share with you some of our findings available on line in Rochester Institute of Technology site Print in the Mix:

  • A study from State of Media Democracy Group, showed that 70% of Americans would rather read printed magazines even though the same info was available on line.
  • 74% of college students prefer a printed textbook when taking a class and 53% would not consider buying digital textbooks if they were available. [StudentWatch]
  • 70% of Americans state they prefer to read print and paper communications rather than reading off a screen. [survey commissioned by Two Sides]
  • 60% of merchants surveyed said that CATALOGS are primary sales channel. Web Sites came in at 20%.
  • 67% of online searches are driven by offline messages. [online Search behavior Study]
  • 79% of non-profit donations come from direct-mail. Only 10% online. [Multi Channel Benchmarking Report]

The challenge that we face as marketers is that we need to figure out how to use two worlds to satisfy the needs of our customers, by providing printed material that drive traffic to our websites at the same time that the online world like the web and the social media tools allows to provide better way to learn about our products.

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