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A Happy Christmas Surprise

A Happy Christmas Surprise-1Here at AlphaGraphics Sunnyvale we do a lot of jobs for big companies. Sometimes, though, it’s the small jobs that mean the most. This Christmas we got a smaller job that ended up meaning a lot more to one family than any number of business cards ever could.

It started off simply enough. A customer, I’ll call her M, wanted to self-publish a book. But it was more than that. M had a remarkable album of newspaper clippings and letters from her father’s experiences in World War II. Laid out chronologically it gives the story of one man’s experience in the war from beginning to end.A Happy Christmas Surprise-2

The album serves as a touchstone for M’s family. Over the decades, however, it has become delicate and the pages have frayed. M wanted to make sure it would be preserved for future generations. She had each of the pages of the album removed and scanned. She then brought those scans to us to turn into a book for her.

A Happy Christmas Surprise-3We did just that. Using those files and following her guidance we were able make some beautiful hardcover reproductions of the album. They will allow this piece of family history be more easily shared and serve as keepsakes for the family for many years to come.A Happy Christmas Surprise-4

We here at AlphaGraphics Sunnyvale are proud to have been able to help preserve a family’s history and give them a happy Christmas surprise.

Merry Christmas from the whole team here at AlphaGraphics Sunnyvale and may your New Year be bright.


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