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Survey Says!

A few months ago, about the same time that I stopped posting on this blog (which will be the subject of another post), I started a monthly survey of my AlphaGraphics customers to see how well we are doing.  I am using a company by the name of Survey Advantage.  The cost to me is fairly cheap and over time, I have been able to survey the customers from all three of my centers using the one account. We have received some great feedback.  Here are the charts to date.

How likely are you to recommend us to colleagues and friends? Response percent Response total
  Very Likely  HistogramHistogramHistogram 78.5% 179
  Likely  HistogramHistogramHistogram 16.2% 37
  Not Sure  HistogramHistogramHistogram 3.5% 8
  Unlikely  HistogramHistogramHistogram 1.3% 3
  Very Unlikely  HistogramHistogramHistogram 0.4% 1


How satisfied are you with the quality of the final product? Response percent Response total
  Very Satisfied  HistogramHistogramHistogram 76.2% 176
  Satisfied  HistogramHistogramHistogram 20.8% 48
  Neutral  HistogramHistogramHistogram 2.2% 5
  Dissatisfied  HistogramHistogramHistogram 0.4% 1
  Very Dissatisfied  HistogramHistogramHistogram 0.4% 1


How satisfied are you with the quality of our service? Response percent Response total
  Very Satisfied  HistogramHistogramHistogram 77.3% 177
  Satisfied  HistogramHistogramHistogram 17.9% 41
  Neutral  HistogramHistogramHistogram 3.1% 7
  Dissatisfied  HistogramHistogramHistogram 1.3% 3
  Very Dissatisfied  HistogramHistogramHistogram 0.4% 1
  Apart from the products you just purchased, what other services do you have a need for but do not currently purchase from us? We offer all of these services: Response percent Response total
  One & Two Color Printing  HistogramHistogramHistogram 30.8% 20
  Full Color Printing  HistogramHistogramHistogram 36.9% 24
  Variable Data Printing  HistogramHistogramHistogram 10.8% 7
  Black & White Copies  HistogramHistogramHistogram 29.2% 19
  High Speed Color Copies  HistogramHistogramHistogram 10.8% 7
  Finishing/Bindery  HistogramHistogramHistogram 18.5% 12
  Mailing Services  HistogramHistogramHistogram 16.9% 11
  Signs, Posters and Banners HistogramHistogramHistogram 52.3% 34
  Promotional Products  HistogramHistogramHistogram 56.9% 37


The great thing about these monthly surveys is that when we receive a negative response, we immediately get an email from Survey Advantage.  We are able to read the comments on the survey and address the issue immediately.  You can also see that there is a question about what services that we provide that the customer would want to know more about.  This has been a great conversation starter with a lot of our AlphaGraphics customers.

One last area of the survey is a question about if the customer knows of anyone else who might need our AlphaGraphics services.  We give each respondent a $20 gift certificate to a place of their choice.

Feedback is critical to the overall success or our three businesses.

You can always contact us at the following AlphaGraphics websites:

AlphaGraphics Mesa Printing and Marketing   FaceBook Fan Page
AlphaGraphics Tempe Printing and Marketing
   FaceBook Fan Page
AlphaGraphics Phoenix Printing and Marketing
   FaceBook Fan Page

Twitter: @steveadams291
LinkedIn: stepheneugeneadams

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Posted by admin

  1. Hi Steve, I’m from AG US252 in Mountain View, CA and I stumbled upon your blog from one of your Twitter postings. We too recently started working with Survey Advantage as well. We have discontinued the service with Survey Advantage as I found a cheaper way to do the surveys in house using Constant Contact surveys. Our center is relatively small and we found the amount of responses were not worth the monthly investment. I think Survey Advantage is a better solution for larger centers or owners with multiple locations (such as yourself) where it is much more difficult to manage a large amount of customer surveys.

    Anyway, the survey I developed is similar to the Survey Advantage one that you use, with the exception of the referral question with the $20 GC offer. What has your response been like in terms of the quality of referrals you have received from your surveys? $20 is obviously a good investment for almost any referral, but I am curious to see how many referrals from you survey have turned into quality accounts. I will look forward to your response. Thanks!


    Josh Burkett
    Business Development Manager
    AlphaGraphics-Mountain View

  2. Josh, Good to hear from you as well. I have been following your Social Media activity for a while now and appreciate the effort your are making. To answer your question, the referrals are still being worked on. We have started a discussion with a few of them but, as you can imagine, some of the referrals do not respond to our attempts to contact. I like the feature and if we hit one or two of the referrals, it will be a great return on our costs.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the reply. Your results seem to be what I expected. I do, however, agree with you that it only takes one or two of the right referrals to make it well worth your investment. Any type of referral is better than calling on a prospect cold. Best of luck to you and I will look forward to following your blog!



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