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Integrative Touch for Kids gets the first medal of the year

Integrative Touch for Kids gets the first medal of the year-1

It is another Olympic year with international athletic competition taking center stage where thousands will compete but only a few will medal. That does not seem fair, so we are handing out our own medals to those groups that we work with that deserve a medal. The first medal of the year goes to Integrative Touch for Kids [ITK] which believes that when a child has special needs, the whole family has special needs. As their material states, “Did you know that a child with cancer has a better chance of surviving their illness than their family does of staying together?” Their success is a success for not only the child and their families, but the community as well which is why you’ll see “Whole Child • Whole Family • Whole Community” all over their material. To quote a mother on ITK’s site, “Before our involvement with ITK, our family was stressed and disconnected from one another. Now we talk more, understand each other better, and feel much more calm and connected.”

Integrative Touch for Kids just held their Butterfly Gala in Tucson this past weekend including dinner, raffle and auctions. Go check them out at their website, and check out our site to see the invitations, bid cards, pledge cards, support brochures that we have created for them over the years. ITK, you deserve more than just a medal – thank you.

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