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Another Successful Business Proposal

Another Successful Business Proposal-1

Our customer ARG Trans found an opportunity to bid on 130+ miles of shortline railroad in Coos Bay, Oregon. President Scott Parkinson asked us to up the game on the proposals with full color presentations, RFQ and RFP proposals, cds and yes a locomotive design. After repeated rounds of cuts [and against much larger companies we might add] it was down to just two company’s proposals. We would like to take all the credit, but we just put the shine on a very solid business proposal. We were working on what might be the first Locomotive “wrap” in the western US, but it ended up being a very quick restart of the railroad and the locomotive needed to get to work right away. Time meant it was a rather simple look. Even so, one person driving to work in Oregon took the time to drop the new managers a brief note:

I passed the train this morning on my way to Eugene. Even in the dark, the CBR locomotives are impressive. Whoever designed the paint job – the way the logo and colors are presented on the engines – did a great job.

Another Successful Business Proposal-2

Head over to our success stories to read more about the successful proposal for the Coos Bay Rail Link and other paint schemes for the locomotives. We would love to offer «Get one locomotive design and get a second locomotive design for free», but who has one locomotive, much less two? If you really do have some locomotives, come by and we can talk.

Oh yes, check out the Facebook page from a railfan by clicking on the image below.

Another Successful Business Proposal-3


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