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Sales Nuggets Ep 1 – Order Taking vs Consulting

Sales Nuggets Ep 1 – Order Taking vs Consulting

An introduction to a series of training nuggets that we share in our sales training on Fun Fridays.


Transcription of Video:

Hey guys Brian Johnson here with AlphaGraphics 34 in West Valley Utah. Just wanted to begin our series of Fun Fridays. We’re here to have fun on Fridays and talk about some sales nuggets. So we’re talking about today with our sales team, the difference between consultative sales and order taking. So are you taking your clients orders or are you understanding really what the end use is. Are you asking the right questions? Are you listening? And are you actually hearing what they are saying?

It’s basic when you get a car salesman or you’re rookie sales, door to door salesman or even someone that is selling products to your company. It’s classic for them to over talk the situation. Are they telling you all the features, advantages, benefits or are they really asking you what you need and what your company is looking for. Those are questions we ask here.

A perfect example of consultative selling versus hearing or listening to your customer or understanding really what they need and asking the right questions is the difference between them coming in with a file and us producing something off of the machine, just hitting file print, and really understanding if it’s for their tradeshow or an event and really consulting them and understanding what they need and giving them something that they can be proud of.

Keep it AG baby, it’s all good.

Brian Johnson

Posted by Brian Johnson