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Why Your Small Business Needs Signage

Picture a world with no signage at all. No billboards, no channel letters to mark business locations, no sandwich boards on the sidewalk and absolutely no banners or flags to let you know about exciting products and sales. What would the world look like?

It’s a very interesting concept to think about, a world with no signage. It’s also something that you’re never likely to see in today’s day and age, simply for the fact that advertising is just about everywhere you look and signs are an integral part of our daily lives. And, when it comes to who’s putting the signs out there for us to see—businesses big and small—the answer for why signage exists becomes clearer and clearer.

Grabbing their attention

Most signage exists to sell us something—a product, an idea or something else. Sales are in fact what makes the world go round: we work to earn money and use that money to buy things, which other people work to make so they can earn money! It’s one of the most fundamental truths in our society. But choosing which goods and services we want to invest our hard earned dollars in is where competition is truly born and it’s only those businesses that stand out from the others that are able to stay relevant.

Signage is the de-facto method of staying relevant in society that’s filled with business competition, which means that companies utilizing signage to its fullest are going to be those companies that come out on top.

Why Your Small Business Needs Signage-1Reaching an audience

Even if your business exists in the minds of customers, being able to tailor how you exist can be a fundamental way to make sure that you’re bringing business through the doors. For example, a customer may know what your business is and what you’re selling to them, but if they’re not interested, it’s all for naught! However, on the flip side, if a customer knows your company exists and they have a favorable impression of you, they’re more likely to give you their hard earned dollars.

Changing perception is not easy, however—it takes a dedicated marketing approach and the cost of most business marketing approaches rely on good ‘ol fashioned signage! Whether your sign can move a person, make them laugh, intrigue them or drive them to act makes all the difference in how they view your business in their minds, which can quickly bring them through your doors and make them a brand advocate.

Never forgotten

One final reason that signage is considered a staple in the advertising world is due to its consistent relevancy. Basically, if you see something over and over again, it’s pretty hard to forget about that thing—signage acts as a constant reminder for people, sparking interest in a business or product or service, even if it’s not at the forefront of your mind.

More than even just staying a constant presence in the minds of their demographics, however,businesses are able to use signage to implement new information and up to date data across everyone they reach, all at the same time. If you’re introducing a new product, have a change in sales policy, want to announce a promotion or just have exciting news to share, a sign can accomplish widespread dissemination with ease, in a way that’s directly accessible by anyone with eyes.

Signs may be one of the simplest, most traditional forms of advertising, but it doesn’t stop them from being any less effective. A properly applied sign that’s appealing and relevant is going to go a long way for any business and can be exactly what a business needs to keep itself at the forefront of the industry it’s a part of and the customers who are interested in that industry.


Posted by Bryan