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Take Advantage of Seasonal Signage for Maximum Summertime Marketing

Take Advantage of Seasonal Signage for Maximum Summertime Marketing-1Summer brings with it many things: great temperatures, sunny weather, festivals and events, opportunities to be outside, etc. What many small businesses don’t realize however, is that summer also brings with it a wide variety of opportunities for marketing to potential consumers at a highly effective level. What are we talking about? Why, seasonal signage of course!

Summertime seasonal signage is a huge asset for businesses big and small for a variety of reasons—namely because of its increased exposure and attention-grabbing design. And, utilizing a variety of different types of summer signage can be the difference between a summertime bump in business and a stagnant season for commerce.

Take a look at a few different types of summer signage you should be thinking about for your small business and how these unique marketing pieces can turn the tide of business in your favor during the warmest months of the year:

  • Yard signs:Yard signs aren’t exclusively for politicians—in fact, many small businesses and organizations use them to a high degree of success during the summer season. Whether it’s promoting a call to action that brings people through the door and turns them into new customers or it’s a way to get your brand name out there on a massive scale, yard signs are easily spotted and quickly digested, making them a key piece of your seasonal marketing arsenal.
    • Example: Joe’s lawn care business is taking off and he’s looking to expand past his usual subdivision of clients. By creating yard signs and asking his satisfied customers to place them on their lawn, Joe can advertise to drivers and other passersby, spreading his lawn care business’ reputation further.
  • Outdoor banners and signs:When the weather is great people will find any excuse to get outside and generally, that means taking a stroll around the town. Outdoor banners and signs provide the very best opportunity for you to market to people taking advantage of the summer weather and because they can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, it’s easy to have them custom-tailored to fit your needs. Whether you’re a small business with a new location or you’re an event organizer promoting community happenings, outdoor banners and signs are a necessity.
    • Example: The Jonesville Chamber of Commerce is hosting its annual Picnic in the Park event and the group is trying to raise awareness all around town. By putting up a few banners on the sides of participating businesses and placing signs throughout the park, the group is able to get people’s attention who might not know about the upcoming event.
  • Flags:When something is flapping in the breeze and attracting all types of attention, it’s pretty hard to ignore it—and that’s the logic behind flags as a form of signage! If your business is promoting an event, trying to increase its brand appeal, trying to direction attention to other forms of marketing or just looking for a cost-effective way to draw the eye of passersby, flags are an invaluable marketing tool during the summer month.
    • Example: Stacey is trying to make her bakery stand out in a strip mall to attract people to visit during her Donut Days promotion. By attaching flags to her awning and putting several streamers roadside to attract attention, Stacey is able to alert people to her bakery when they might have otherwise passed her by.

There’s a lot to be said for all types of summertime signage—the above examples are just three in a larger scope of seasonal marketing materials. Chalkboards, sandwich boards, flyers, handouts, window clings and more can all be utilized in conjunction with the materials listed above to create a summertime marketing campaign that’s cohesive and successful.

Is your business taking advantage of seasonal marketing materials? If not, stop on by AlphaGraphics today to learn more about how you can tie together the perfect summertime campaign with the help of a few select materials!


Posted by Bryan