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Category: Graphic Design

Pantone Color Palette
C2C - Apparel Mock 3 copy

Logo Design for American Cancer Society

Each and every one of us knows someone with cancer. I recently read that males and females have nearly a 40% chance of developing some form of cancer, and a 22% chance of dying from


Book It! 5 Tips to Successful Book Design

Books are a rewarding and challenging experience to write.  And just as so when it comes to designing and creating one.  Like the structure to writing your book, there is a similar process to keep in


The Margin of Error

Sometimes you’re dancing on the fine line in print design.  When working in digital publishing, it can be difficult to truly know what your end result may look like.  Screen size and resolution can make you


Three Benefits of a Designer in a Printshop

Uh-oh. You’re short a designer. And you need your project printed next week (or even better, by the end of this week).  You’re looking high and low, but either others just can’t fit it in their

psycolorgy blue

The Psycolorgy of Blue

It’s the most popular color worldwide. We are surrounded by it from the sky and water.  It is the color of intelligence. So when we have “the blues,” maybe it’s because we just know too

psycolorgy green

The Psycolorgy of Green

The word green is believed to originate from the Old English word “growan” which means, “to grow.” Naturally, it’s the color of nature, but also wealth and creativity.  Take a moment to understand green’s versatile

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Avoiding Design Malpractice: 3 Tips for Businesses Looking for Healthier, Successful Design

It’s that time of year again! People are getting that shot in the arm to stay healthy.  You might also be looking to see if your business can use that shot in the arm as well. If

psycolorgy red

The Psycolorgy of Red

The psychology or color, or “psycolorgy” if you will, has helped brands and businesses find ways to tap into their customers’ emotions.  While we take our visual perception for granted, if we study these hues,

Designing a sign? Here’s a few tips…

Designing a sign? Here’s a few tips…

Have you ever been driving down the road & a sign happens to catch your attention? Did you have trouble reading it? Happens all the time. Many times, people design a sign with a predetermined