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Colorful clothes hang on a shelf after washing

How T-Shirt Giveaways Led to a Cool Million

Sujan Patel likes to do things unconventionally.

Lean Manufacturing, Production Improvement

Eliminate Waste with a Lean Business Model

When you think of “running lean,” what comes to mind?

Man eating an hamburger and working seated his car

How Multi-Tasking Can Tank Your Productivity

For more than a decade, Dr. Daniel Simons and his colleagues studied a form of invisibility known as inattentional blindness.

Life cycle of leaves on the wooden background.

How to Age Gracefully at Every Stage of Life

If people can age with class, Harlene Goodrich should be considered a maestro of maturity.

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A Merry Little Christmas List…

As I approach my 52nd Christmas, I still get excited for all the things the season brings. Being the father of three wonderful children, this time of year brings with it the warm memories of

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It’s The Team That Makes The Difference

One of my favorite shows is “The Profit“, starring Marcus Lemonis, a multi-millionaire who makes investments into struggling small businesses in an effort to save the company (and make some money for himself). One of


Three Things I’ve Learned About Owning a Business…

Ever since I was a little boy, I knew that someday I would own my own business. I can remember my father taking me to the print shop where he worked, and as he ran

All I want for Christmas is…

All I want for Christmas is…

This is the time of year when I think about where we’ve been, where we are, and where I’d like to be this time next year. It also gets me thinking about the fact that