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Sculpt an Eye-Catching Identity: 5 Bold Business Card Designs

Looking for an energetic start to a prosperous new year? As you exhale after a tumultuous 2020, now is the time to clean out and set yourself up for a productive, successful new season. And

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Magnetic Marketing: Using Faces to Command Attention

Our faces reveal multitudes about who we are, what we are thinking, and our intentions toward others. Lying right under your nose is an awesome landscape of skin, muscles, and features. The face is one

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Finish in Fine Form with Beautiful Varnish Coatings

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? You’re not alone! First impressions are essential to how people judge a person, a product, or a business. And when you’re going for visual impact, research

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How to Restart the Conversation When a Lead Has Gone Cold

Adding new customers to your sales funnel is essential for growth, and lead generation is vital. For many industries, generating a lead can cost anywhere from $25 to $300. So, after you’ve made an initial

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Shout Your News with Stylish Printed Announcements

Have you recently won an award, reached a milestone, or done something pretty incredible? Whether you’re launching a product or expanding to a new market, your business or organization can share the news far and

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3 Companies with a Killer Brand Identity

Trust builds confidence. That is why a strong corporate brand identity can make or break a business. Brand identity is more than key values or approved color palettes; it is the collection of all elements

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Shout Your Brand Identity with Strategic, Clever Imagery

If a picture paints a thousand words, then brand imagery is one of the most dynamic means for communicating with your customers. From stained-glass church windows to the world-renowned Nike swoosh, images add immediacy, power,

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Unique Fold Options for Your Marketing Masterpiece

Looking to add some finishing flair to your next marketing piece? Unique, eye-catching folds offer so much room to flex your creativity! When creating your next masterpiece, here are some fun print folds to consider:

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Share Your Brand Story to Create Distinct, Authentic Connections

  In a noisy marketplace, businesses must work smarter to grab prospects and lock in loyalty. But the desire for relationship is mutual. According to Cheetah Mobile marketing director Josh Ong, customers don’t just want

Thoughts and prayers are not enough…

Thoughts and prayers are not enough…

Last week, a family in our community suffered an unspeakable tragedy, as their 8 year old boy lost his brave 4 year battle with cancer. The anguish that this family feels right now cannot be