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What Are Wall Graphics / Wall Decals ?

What Are Wall Graphics / Wall Decals ?

This is an example of Wall Graphics used as office decor

This is a wall decal

What are Wall Decals/ Wall Graphics?

A wall decal and/or a customized wall graphic is an image that can be customized to suit you or your business. They are printed on Matte vinyl and can be placed on a wall. Wall decals and customized wall graphics are great for promoting you or your business. Here at Alphagraphics, we can design and print these wall decals and customized wall graphics for you.

Do Wall Decals Last Forever?

If the wall decal / customized wall graphic is applied correctly,  and you take appropriate care of it, they can last for longer than 3 years, making it a great choice to decorate a room or promote a business. If you want to make sure your wall decal and customized wall graphics is properly applied, Alphagraphics will be willing to apply your decals and graphics for you.

What If I Want to Remove My Wall Decal?  

If you want to remove your wall decal or customized wall graphics, you just peel the wall decal off the wall. However once you remove the decal and graphics you will not be able to reapply it again, so be sure you definitely want to remove them.

Can Wall Decals Cause Wall Damage? 

If your wall decal was properly applied, there should be no damage to your wall when you remove them. If you are concerned about wall damage while removing the wall decal or customized wall graphics, use a blower dryer on the decal and graphics to loosen the adhesive and thin the vinyl.

Is it Difficult to Apply a Wall Decal?

Not at all, wall decals and wall graphics are very easy to apply. Alphagraphics is very willing to help you install your wall decal or wall graphics if you are concerned, especially if the wall decal/graphics are large ones.

How Long Does it Take to Apply a Wall Decal?

A wall decal usually takes less than an hour to be applied. Application time depends on the size and how many pieces make up the decal and graphics.

Can I Only Apply My Wall Decal to a Wall?

As long as it is a flat and clean surface, such as mirrors, doors, glass and even wood, you can apply your wall decal and graphics to any surface you please.

What if My Wall is Textured?

You will still be able to apply the wall decal, however this may have change the look of the decal or your graphics because they will try to fit the texture of the wall and it will not be as smooth as a flat surface.

Will the Paint on My Wall Make a difference?

Wall decals and wall graphics can stick on any type of paint, but they will not stay on or last as long on semi-gloss paint or high gloss paint. If you are painting a wall that you are planning to put a decal on, Alphagraphics recommends painting with Matte paint for the best results.

When Can I Apply My Wall Decal After Painting?

We recommend waiting two weeks, as the paint needs to completely dry before you can place your decal on the wall. It will make a bigger difference for the life spans of your wall decal and graphics if you wait for the paint to completely dry before applying.

 Wall Decal Example


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