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Common Vehicle Magnet FAQ's

Car Magnet FAQ’s

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Car magnets are a cost effective way to turn your vehicle into a mobile bill board. If you are currently looking to buy a car magnet, here are some FAQ”s and Answers to common questions:

Will the Car Magnet Stay on my car or will it fly off?

The Car Magnet is a thin but strong magnet that should stick to your car at all speeds, although we do not recommend speeding. To help create a more aerodynamic car magnet, we could recommend using a rounded corner car magnet.

Also, make sure you apply the car magnet to a clean car to ensure that it will adhere best.

What Size Car Magnet should I buy?

This answer can depend on the car, truck or van surface that you are looking to cover. Here are some industry standards:

• 10”x20” or 12”x24” magnets work well for most sedan cars

• 18”x24” work well for vans and trucks

Should my car magnet be affected by the weather?

This could depend on where you get your car magnet printed. However, the UV coating we use should keep the ink on the magnet from running or fading. We do recommend taking the magnet off the car during extreme weather occurrences (extreme cold, wind, and hurricanes would be examples).

What if I put the magnet on wrong?

If the magnet is placed incorrectly, remove the magnet completely from the surface and reapply the magnet. Lift at sides and not at corners to remove. Also, please DO NOT drag or pull the magnet across the surface, it could stretch or cause scratches on the surface.

If I want to store the car magnets I buy, what should I do?

To Store the magnets, keep the in a place that is room temperature. Do not store in a place that has high heat. Keep the magnets Flat and do not stack the magnets upon each other.

How can I clean my car magnet?

Car magnets can tend to create a dirt or moisture build up between the magnet and the surface. To avoid this and increase the ‘life’ of your magnet, remove and clean at regular intervals.

• Clean the metal surface and the magnet with a detergent that is not strong. To dry, use a cloth or air dry will work as well.

• If you wax the surface, wait 2 days to apply the magnet.




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