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Top 5 Features and Purposes a Sign Should Have

Signs are an essential way of branding a company’s name and a great way to have your company’s name visible to anyone walking or driving by. Whether it is a backlit sign, acrylic, plastic, or window lettering, signs can effectively grab anyone’s attention and draw them into what your company does. A sign can have three main purposes. Those purposes are to either, direct, inform, or sell. For a sign to properly fulfill these purposes it should have certain features. Here is a list of a few things that will help your sign really attract attention:

  1. Large Lettering: It is important that your sign is easy to read from a fairly long distance
  2. Company Logo: For an outdoor sign advertising your company’s name, a company logo should be present on the sign
  3. Stands Out: In a populated area, signs can get hidden and you want your sign to stand out from the crowd
  4. Durable: signs must be able to handle all weather conditions and withstand years of wear and tear.
  5. Effective: Whether it is helping you find where you are going or advertising a product, a sign needs to do so effectively and something that the person who sees it will remember.

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