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5 Important Reasons Why You Need SEO

5 Important Reasons Why You Need SEO-1Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big piece of the marketing puzzle when a business is striving for success.  People are on the Internet more than ever nowadays, and it easy to look up information about virtually any topic and get results instantly. Alphagraphics is here to help make sure that your business is sitting pretty at the top of those search results.  Still not sure what the fuss is all about?  Check out these 5 important reasons why you should consider SEO:

1) Great for branding and attention

Perhaps the most obvious purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to push your website link to the top of the results list, hence the “optimization” part.  Seeing your link ranked high in the results is a very positive sign for your business, as it will significantly increase awareness of your company name and purpose.

2) Web traffic

Appearing at the top of the results list is sure to get a few clicks.  By having that powerful presence on a search engine, potential customers are likely to give your website a glance during their search.  Even if many don’t become customers, eventually you will get a few because of your search result ranking.

 3) Insight into customers

Search engine metrics can reveal important information about the people who are looking at your website.  By analyzing this data, you can better understand details such as how they search, what language or what technology they use, what times they are most active online, etc.  This information is valuable because it can help your business make more informed decisions about its marketing strategy.

 4) Builds credibility

Appearing high up on the list of results related to certain keywords will help build the association that your company is relevant to what an individual is looking for.  This also helps reassure consumers that your business is the real deal and not a scam.

5) More social sharing

Having a credible link on the Internet comes in handy when social media users come across your website.  Information sharing is instantaneous on social media, making it that much easier to spread the word about your business.

There are so many other reasons why SEO is a worthwhile investment, so we encourage you to contact Alphagraphics Worcester today to get some more information.


Posted by Matt

Matt Mantyla is Sales and Marketing Strategist at Alphagraphics in Worcester MA. He focuses on client relationships, business development, and marketing strategies for AlphaGraphics. Matt joined AlphaGraphics officially in 2013, but has been part of the family business since he was a little kid. Matt is a graduate of Ithaca College with a degree in Business Administration and Management.