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Essentials for Creating and Printing your Perfect Menu

Looking to spice up your restaurant’s current menu and potentially help bring in new customers? Alphagraphics is here to help you create or redesign your restaurant’s menu!  A great menu design can help improve many things and stimulate a customer’s appetite. At Alphagraphics we will work with you to create the perfect design and we also do the printing for you!

Before jumping right into it, here are some characteristics to look for in a great menu design:

  • Dividing the menu into logical sections– a menu that is well organized and easy to read will appeal to more customers and leave them satisfied
  • Use photos sparingly– too many photos can overwhelm the reader, using a small amount of high quality images is just enough to stimulate an appetite
  • Consider using boxes to frame the different sections- framing sections will give your menu more structure and draw attention to specific items
  • Illustrations can add a creative flair to your menu – different than photos; illustrations can be more creative and fun and set you apart from others!
  • Use colors wisely- select colors based on your restaurant’s theme, for example, a seafood restaurant may choose different shades of blue for their menu invoking images of the ocean

Alphagraphics can help your restaurant design a fun, unique, and well-organized menu. Whether you are a new business or one that just wants to change things up by redesigning an already existing menu, Alphagraphics has all of your menu design and printing needs covered.


Posted by Matt

Matt Mantyla is Sales and Marketing Strategist at Alphagraphics in Worcester MA. He focuses on client relationships, business development, and marketing strategies for AlphaGraphics. Matt joined AlphaGraphics officially in 2013, but has been part of the family business since he was a little kid. Matt is a graduate of Ithaca College with a degree in Business Administration and Management.