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2 Great Reasons Why You Should Invest in Vehicle Graphics

Where should I spend my advertising dollars?  This is a common question for businesses large and small.  The truth is there should be a marketing/advertising mix, but the question of affordability pop’s up and business owners need to make a decision.  

  • One area business owners can put money into is, Google ads.  They are a great way to get in front of potential customers, but if you don’t have the know-how, you need to hire a company to manage the ads, as well as put aside an ad spend.  This can run you over $2000/month.   
  • Another thought is to do direct mail.  Direct mail is a recurring advertising campaign that takes lots of thought, tracking and mail drops to really do it well.  When done correctly, it can increase revenue for your business. But this cost, once again, is recurring and could cost upwards of $1000-$4000 per month.

Now comes the thought of vehicle graphics, or vehicle wrap.  Vehicle graphics are a way to advertise your business on your car, truck, van or fleet of vehicles.  Vehicle graphics can cover just a portion of your door (think business name, phone, address, and logo) OR you could use a full vehicle wrap to cover every aspect of your vehicle ( doors, hood, roof, etc..).  Here are 2 big reasons WHY vehicle graphics should be a part of your ad dollar spend.

Reason #1 – Visibility

Your vehicle is going to be a sales agent, or ad person, who is present and visible to the public 24hrs per day.   

  • This makes it a very important referral for your business.  Think customer recommendations.  A neighbor seeing XYZ Landscaping truck over at her friends’ house, she’s more apt to contact XYZ Landscaping to maintain her lawn as well.  Your vehicle is now its own best referral agent.

The passive form of vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics advertising keeps your brand in front of potential customers everything your drive or park your vehicle somewhere.  Driving your vehicle around the city, town or highway means it’s going to get seen more and more often.  In fact, it’s been proven that vehicle graphics receive between 30,000 to 70,000 views per day.  

Reason #2 – Cost

The cost for a vehicle graphic or vehicle wrap has come down to affordable pricing in the past 3 years or so.  The materials are better, there are new technologies in vinyl applications (like Window perf), and software makes the design set up faster and easier.  BUT more importantly, the cost is lower when compared to other forms of advertising.  Nowadays, if you can dream up the design, a good vehicle graphics or vehicle wrap company can make it happen.   The average cost of vehicle graphics could run you $850 for basic graphics to $4500 for a full vehicle wrap.    With an average lifespan of 5-8 yrs, this is a tremendous bang for your buck.  Take a look at this chart below.  You are paying much less per impression than other forms of advertising.

2 Great Reasons Why You Should Invest in Vehicle Graphics-1

Keep in mind, it is our belief that if you can afford it, you should be having a mix of marketing (online ads, vehicle wrap, direct mail, etc..), but if you have to choose 1 spot to invest in this year, take a chance on your vehicle wrap.  

At Alphagraphics in Worcester, our AG SIGNS department can help you out with your next vehicle graphics or vehicle wrap.  Please visit our website or call us: 508-793-0956, Request a Quote or Email Us.

CUSTOM VEHICLE GRAPHICS BY ALPHAGRAPHICS WORCESTER 2 Great Reasons Why You Should Invest in Vehicle Graphics-3

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