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Your Guide to Custom Window Graphic Options

You invest in your location and storefront as a “pull” to attract business and bring people inside.  Long ago simple signs were used to bring people into a store, today captivating, vibrant, digitally printed window graphics and specialty cut window decals are more often used to create that customer pull.  To learn more, keep on reading this guide to understand your window graphics options.

Marketing and Branding With Window Graphics

Don’t forget that all of the boring glass on the front of your business is a great tool for communicating your brand and marketing messages to the public.  Keep your brand relevant by bringing it to your storefront windows. Here are some more options to think about to liven up your windows:

  • Artistic: Let your imagination run wild.  With custom window graphics, custom photos of beautiful landscape or creative art paintings can be recaptured and printed onto window vinyl.  Watch what happens when you transform your windows into a beautiful art canvas.
  • Contour cut: If you are interested in a window graphic design that needs to be cut out precisely, choose a contour cut. Instead of using a commonly-shaped border, your decal will have the shape of your design. This option will work well for you if you want to place emphasis on a logo. If you remove the border, the window is more visible—saving you more space!


There are times where privacy is principal before all else—especially in conference rooms, medical labs or even important corporate offices.   With specialty window films, you can keep your windows and create a privacy shield from the public.  Here are few options:

  • Opaque/Frosted: We see this type of material used most often to create privacy for offices and meeting rooms and conference rooms. By applying a frosted vinyl graphics or opaque graphics material to a window, it creates just enough privacy for outsiders to see there are people in the room, but it blocks their vision to see WHAT they are talking about or what is being written on whiteboards.  In some cases, the frosted graphic has special cuts or printed elements to create a more aesthetically pleasing privacy graphic.
  • One-way vision: Perforated window graphics or window perf create a one-way vision for peoples inside to see outside, but the outside people can’t see in.  The idea behind this type of window graphic is you can create a message or image that represents your company, but it blocks those outside to see into your business.  But it does not block the people inside to see what or who is outside.


Glass is a common media that is used throughout corporate office buildings.  We see large interior glass walls as dividers, glass windows on cubical and offices.  There are glass doors through the hallways.  Here are some common vinyl uses on those glass surfaces:

  • Lettering: Use the glass surfaces to create informative directional signage for customers and people within the building.  Cut vinyl letters are often the perfect solution for wayfinding signage. Window lettering is often cost effective and simple to plan.
  • Second surface: This is a good term to remember if you are going to be ordering adhesive window signage or custom window letters for your office space.  Second Surface application refers to the method as to which the window graphics will be applied.  You apply a graphics 2nd surface when you want the adhesive face to be the design and for the graphic to be applied to the interior glass looking out.  You would do this when you take into consideration the weather which could damage your decal if it were applied outside.  We see second surface applications often for:  Any external access point like entrance doors or storefront windows.

Add The RIGHT Custom Window Graphics to Your Glass!

Give us a call 508-793-0956 or contact Alphagraphics here to discuss your vinyl window graphic options.  We can come out and see your facility to help ensure the right application is being used.  If you need our help with installation of the vinyl graphics, we can do that as well.  Contact us today: 508-793-0956.  Alphagraphics is a printing and sign company in Worcester.


Posted by Matt

Matt Mantyla is Sales and Marketing Strategist at Alphagraphics in Worcester MA. He focuses on client relationships, business development, and marketing strategies for AlphaGraphics. Matt joined AlphaGraphics officially in 2013, but has been part of the family business since he was a little kid. Matt is a graduate of Ithaca College with a degree in Business Administration and Management.