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5 Reasons Why You Want to Use Wall and or Floor Graphics Instead of Paint

There are a variety of ways to decorate your commercial space and trying to come up with an aesthetic for this space is not an easy endeavor. You might ask yourself a variety of different questions. How do I incorporate my brand theme and colors?  What do I need to do to create the WOW! effect I am looking for. The first thing that comes to people’s mind is to Paint, but here we will introduce you to a better option: vinyl wall graphics and vinyl floor graphics.  Let’s look at 5 reasons surface decals and custom vinyl graphics better for your office decor and appeal than paint alone. 

1. Custom Vinyl Graphics Can Save You Money and Time

If you are looking to enhance your office space or corporate facility environment, vinyl wall graphics and vinyl floor graphics are often a less expensive way to add vibrancy to your walls and floors.   You can get custom cut, full color logos added to your walls and floors. If you want a corporate message added to your hallways, you can easily do that as well.  Instead of needing to hire a painter who will take a few days to apply various coats of paint,  you can hire a sign company to come in and add the vinyl graphics in a few hours of time.   Less time and less material = less money.

2. Dimensional Graphics and Vinyl Graphics Give Your Brand A Level Up

The use of wall and floor graphics offer limitless possibilities. You may want to utilize these graphics to show off your company’s sense of style. What image do you want your brand to convey? How do you want your organization to stand out? 

Create your unique message and use vinyl graphics to help tell a story that you want to be told. These graphics create the opportunity to share your logo, slogan, or motto, as well as depict the specific designs you want for individual spaces.  Custom wall or vinyl floor graphics are the ideal solution to help your organization be different and unique. This personalizes your company far more than a simple paint color can ever could.

3. Graphics Can Be Used On Many Surfaces

Wall and floor graphics not only work to create a personalized look for your company, but they also take decorating to the next level: they make it functional. Aside from creating a workspace that is appealing to the eye, wall decals can also effectively communicate a message about your company. 

  • An entire wall can be used to display an ad.
  • Floor graphics are also very useful applications to create wayfinding signage.
  • Your mission statement can be displayed on the wall for everyone to see. Since there are so many ways to use wall and floor graphics, the practical applications are essentially limitless. You now know to think outside of the simple paint can!

4. Graphics Can Cost Less Than Paint

Floor and wall graphics use adhesive properties that mean they are easy to replace.  If your corporate image changes, you can easily remove the old graphics and replace with the new identity. If you were just using paint, you’d need to repaint the whole wall, and then repaint the new logo/ text etc..  Using vinyl graphics can be a cost effective advantage over paint.  


5. You Can Use Custom Printed Graphics to Enhance Your Environment

Photography, art or text can also be used for your wall and floor graphics. The imagery can include anything you can dream of. Change your bland empty walls into any eye catching image of your choice such as decals of your flagship product or a creative design or a portrait of your campus. By presenting people with more than just a single-colored wall of paint, you can offer an environment that sets a specific mood and atmosphere.

Use Surface Graphics!

AlphaGraphics Worcester is an expert in fabricating, printing and designing custom wall graphics and floor graphics and surface applications. If you are looking for a way to add a WOW! to your commercial space, give us a call 508-793-0956 or click here to contact us.

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Posted by Matt

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