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4 Facts You Need to Know About Large Format Printing

Introduction to Large Format Printing and Graphics:  What Are They?

Digital printing has changed the game when it comes to signage and vinyl application. Large format printers are over sized machines that can run very long and very wide substrates (vinyl/paper/metal/plastic). These over-sized printers and materials make it easy to create large format graphics that in the past were cumbersome and time consuming.

These large format printers are increasing in popularity since there are seemingly limitless possibilities as to what they are capable of creating.

Large format printing greatly encourages creative, impressive, and impactful designs used in design and advertising. The printed and finalized result is an attention grabbing piece of media which initiates a large conversation piece to say the least. Here are 4 Facts You Need to Know About Large Format Printing, what it’s capable of, and why you should take advantage of it for your next project:

1. Bigger, Better, Faster Printers

Large format designs are more efficiently created and produced by highly specialized printers – such as the ones used by AlphaGraphics. Since the creative process is meant to be fluid, these large format printers were designed with the intent of the user having complete and total control over the creative process There are a large variety of striking colors generated by the intel/software within the machines computer that allow for a printed product that can looks as realistic as real life.  The large format printers are faster than ever before and allow for greater output and less run time.  This allows for faster turn around and allows printing companies, such as Alphagrahics, meet tight deadlines.

2. With Large Format, Your Imagination is the Limit

One of the biggest advantages of large format printing is the many different options for materials and fabrics that can be printed on. Older printing presses were very restricting in that you to could only use a vinyl material if you wanted anything in a large format.

Advances in printing have allowed for large format printers to utilize paper as well as adhesive vinyls, plastic, acrylic, metal, aluminum sign blanks, MDO, glass etc.. The flexibility of the wide array of materials at AlphaGraphics in Worcester can print on creates new possibilities to solve design problems that other sign shops in Worcester cannot.

With these technologies, it allows us to help companies who have a creative mindset, with designing some unique:

3. Better Inks = Better Quality

The ink used for these printers use are of exceptionally high-quality. These inks are able to develop imagery that appear to have depth, intense color, and have a remarkably realistic appearance. There is also the option to apply custom finishes to print jobs like UV and weather-resistant coatings. These finishing options work well for outdoor applications because it prevents the colors from fading – even if it is exposed to direct sunlight on a regular basis.

4. Quality is No A Problem.

The inks and state-of-the-art digital printers provide the substances to create and print very high-quality sign printing and marketing collateral. Unlike older analog printers, the design process utilizes computers when for newer format printers. This allows photorealistic imagery to be resized to whatever suits your needs. The high-quality ink used in these processes will create striking and vivid colors which will cause many people to have the desire to look at these designs.


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Posted by Matt

Matt Mantyla is Sales and Marketing Strategist at Alphagraphics in Worcester MA. He focuses on client relationships, business development, and marketing strategies for AlphaGraphics. Matt joined AlphaGraphics officially in 2013, but has been part of the family business since he was a little kid. Matt is a graduate of Ithaca College with a degree in Business Administration and Management.