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Standing Out From the Crowd: Using Signage and Graphics to Differentiate Your Craft Beer Brand or Brewery

When nearly a quarter of the U.S. beer market accounts for craft brews, how do you establish that your craft brew line stands out amongst the others? You have worked endless hours to perfect your craft, and you want to ensure that your brew and its brand are top of the line. Your shelf signs, P.O.P. signage, visual graphics and marketing techniques are they key to getting your craft beer out of the noise and in front of your customer. 

Establish a Unique Brand for Yourself

Once you develop and truly understand your branding and brand strategy, you can apply that to your packaging, and retail signage

  • Short run custom labels can be printed for cans and even boxes to help label and design your packing.  Think high quality, low quantity.  Can you create a unique/creative/cohesive strategy that JUMPS out to patrons?
  • With custom decals cut to shape you can create unique tap handles for bars to use.  A custom, unique tap handle creates a draw.

Exhibit Customized Graphics at your Brewery

Whether you are a large, conventional brewer or a small, independent craft brewer, signage that is consistent and branded is crucial to have onsite. Brand your equipment labels and warning signs that protects patrons and remind employees to promote a safe, detail oriented environment. 

Designing customized brewery signage can extend your organization’s brand identity and culture.


Consider the Experience of the Consumer

From printed coasters and engraved bottle openers to logo T-shirts and brand-stamped pub glasses, it is wise to have takeaways readily available.  

  • Ensure to bring custom printed flyers to further promote your next batch release or event.
  • Utilize and brand custom “beer type” fact cards to hand out to consumes.
  • Invest in a large step and repeat back drop banner for your customers to pose in front of and take pictures.
  • Add branded Table Tents and custom table banners to your counters and tables.
  • Hand out small posters that customers can take home with them
  • Utilize a custom #hashtag that customers can use on social media.

Connect with Alphagraphics to discuss how we can help you with your custom graphics, signs, and visual marketing printing to as extend yourself to other people who share your passion. Give us a call: 508-793-0956 or click here to contact us.

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