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Trend Spotting 2011

For business planning to be effective, it must take into account upcoming trends that will affect the future of commerce. Check out this 2-minute video from the experts at JWTIntelligence  – 10 trends for 2011.


So how do these trends translate into your marketing strategy? Here are a few quick ideas of ways to implement just a couple of these ideas:

Eat, Pray, Tech

Technology continues to be a huge focus for everyone. QR Codes, PURL campaigns and social media are a great way to bring that tech-focused approach to your marketing.

Creative Urban Renewal

More and more focus is shifting towards awareness of green production and sustainable printing technology. FSC certified papers and a wide range of economical and environmental options exist to help you make the most of your marketing strategy while still maintaining a green initiative.


It’s not just technology and retail that are becoming super focused on personalization – there are now more tools than ever to help you target your communications. Personalized postcards, PURLs and custom printed materials that can really make a huge impact.

Bringing these new ideas into your marketing plan will give your company a strategic advantage over your competitors. Looking to incorporate the coming future into your marketing efforts? We are here to help! Give us a call at 317-844-6629 or send us an email.


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