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2020 year of Plenty

My view on New Year’s Resolutions I have learnt that new year’s resolutions do not work for me…. losing weight, eating healthier, exercising regularly, saving money. In my 40’s I found creating a motto works

How to order ONLINE

How to Help Businesses by Ordering Online

As a small business owner or even as a large corporate, we have all had bad months before. Some of us have even had bad years! But never have we all – as a human


How can we help you keep in contact with your customers when you cannot touch them?

I love going to the united states post office. Not something you hear people say everyday right! But I do, it is one of the highlights in my week. Nobody will argue that USPS is

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The coronavirus pushes businesses to enact procedures to keep employees and customers safe. As a small business we share the same concerns as all of you in our community about our employees, business health and