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What Does Great Branding Look Like?

Every brand creation is unique. Executing and launching your brand is exciting! Your brand will demand its very own unique look and feel. Interview the  company who will partner with you to develop your entire

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5 Tips to Make Your Next Trade Show a Success

Trade shows offer the opportunity to get the word out about your business and connect with prospective customers. While timelines for re-opening and hosting live events are shifting across the country, it’s important to be


How to Create a Brand Experience Using Print and Signs

Building a loyal customer base is essential for any business’s success. Loyal customers are often advocates for your brand, referring you to friends and family and helping to grow your customer base even more. But


As things normalize, start with just one thing, today it might be e-mail marketing.

  The last six weeks have been difficult no matter what your position in business is or has been. You just graduated? Difficult time to find a job. You just bought a business? You are

Vision focu

We will be here a little longer, time to put a plan in place for your meetings.

So where are we now? No one, at this point, really understands what the full impact of the COVID-19 might be on our present or future business climate. In talking with other business owners and


Who would have thought?

From the heart. Today, March 24, marks our second week really since major changes to our way of life began. Despite being on LinkedIn frequently, working to educate myself and promote my small business, I


Donuts, Discounts and your Dash to Give this December

  Alphagraphics Hoover / Birmingham is wanting to end the year strong with the 3 charities we support and in turn process lots of orders for our clients. You can take part in that too

Learning is good but Oh My it can be challenging

Learning is good but Oh My it can be challenging

I am a very creative print and marketing business owner. There is nothing I love more than the business owner who doesn’t know what they want but says “surprise me”. I love finding out what

Great teams

Great teams

Great teams do not always happen just because you have great people. When you merge very successful people together, without team work, it does not always equal a successful outcome. Teamwork is hard work and

Marketing for non-profits

Marketing for non-profits

This is always a difficult scenario. They need marketing materials and digital exposure as much as anyone, but they often feel using charitable dollars on ” marketing” might not exemplify the best stewardship, but on

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