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Learning is good but Oh My it can be challenging

I am a very creative print and marketing business owner. There is nothing I love more than the business owner who doesn’t know what they want but says ” surprise me”. I love finding out what makes them tick and then giving them a wildly successful solution that others love and rave about to them when we are done. With that creative spirit however, there can be challenges. Sometimes, my team and I come up with something amazing, and sometimes that something amazing is a ” first time” or a ” no ones ever done it like that ” time.  We have some hard knocks sometimes getting to the end result, figuring out how to recover from something that had to be redone or finding a new way to get it done, is hard and painful but it’s always worth it. I believe that if you care about your customer, you will eventually get the result you want. Along the way, we may learn about a new substrate, adhesive, design element or process, but the key is we always learn and learning everyday, means you get better everyday. We are not the largest print, marketing and sign agency out there but I like to think we are one of the most creative. Our team and our partners who make it happen never know what’s around the corner.



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  1. There are no words to show my appreciation!


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