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How to Extend the Life of Your Indoor or Outdoor Banners

Did you know that you can extend the life of your indoor or outdoor banners considerably by following a few easy steps? Even if you have an older, wrinkled banner that’s been sitting in a

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QR Code Ideas to Drive New Leads and Sales

Can you think back to the last time you saw a QR code out in the wild? It’s that tiny black square that looks like there are many random patterns inside. One of the most


6 Must-Have New Bern Outdoor Event Sign Ideas

As the cold New Bern winter months come to a close, countless outdoor events will start to spring up. Farmer’s markets, fundraisers, and church events are just some of the many activities that will take

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How to Audit Your New Bern Architectural and Wayfinding Signage

The architectural signage that resides in the front of your New Bern business is one of the very first things that people see when they walk up or drive by.  In addition to adding to

New Bern QR code

How to Tell if Your New Bern Print Collateral Needs a Refresh

Many businesses tend to take a “set it and forget it” approach to their print marketing collateral. The trouble is that as the months and years go by, the business undergoes changes that invisibly render

A Frame Sign

New Bern Parking Lot Signage Guide

Signs are the unsung heroes of the New Bern parking lot. While many people take them for granted, parking lot signage offers a wide range of benefits that improve safety, increase customer/client happiness, and allow

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How to Turn a New Bern Customer into a Brand Advocate

Do you know how a brand advocate differs from an average customer? The brand advocate freely markets your business through word of mouth to other people. The advocate can be a wide range of people,

New Bern Yard Signs

Yard Signs in New Bern FAQ

Yard signs are probably one of the most common signs you’ll find anywhere in the U.S. Yard signs are used to promote political campaigns, garage sales, and even the services of the guy who promises


5 Tips for Building a Good Email Marketing List for Your New Bern Business

An email software company recently released an email marketing study that found that marketers receive $36 in ROI for every dollar spent. Have you calculated the ROI from your email marketing campaigns? If you’re reading


5 Content Marketing Tips for New Bern Businesses

How much content are you producing every month to promote and market your New Bern business? The word “content” includes the following: Email sequences Blog posts Social media posts Website content White papers Case studies

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