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The AlphaGraphics Shameless Keyword Plug

The AlphaGraphics Shameless Keyword Plug-1One of the valuable lessons of SEO (search engine optimization) is that a business blog needs to have links back to its main website using anchor text. I have had a lot of problems doing this since I started this blog in December, 2009.  I have used this blog to show that AlphaGraphics has marketing expertise in addition our normal printing and copying expertise.  However, our current website designed by the AlphaGraphics corporate people has very little marketing expertise elements included. If you look at one of my centers’ websites you will see our expertise in printing, copying, bindery, mailing services, graphic design and large format (signs) is well displayed. The only discussion in the marketing area is a couple of pages on 1-to-1 personalized marketing and the use of purl’s (personalized url’s)

Here Comes the Shameless Part

The holy grail of keywords that I want my centers’ websites to rank highly for are: printing mesa az, printing tempe az and printing phoenix az. Its hard to write a blog on marketing services and use these anchor text words in the middle of sentences. Believe it or not, we do rank highly for such words as: business cards mesa az, business cards tempe az and business cards phoenix az. Unfortunately, business cards are not a high profit area of our business. We even rank highly for blueprints mesa az, blueprints tempe az and blueprints phoenix az. So much so that we out-rank a lot of dedicated blueprint houses in the Phoenix market.

Piling On

What would some of the other keywords I would like to emphasize? Well how about mailing services mesa az, mailing services tempe az and mailing services phoenix az? Another hard term to rank for is: direct marketing mesa az, direct marketing tempe az and or course, direct marketing phoenix az. Over the last couple of months, I have seen that our rankings for; marketing mesa az, marketing tempe az and marketing phoenix az has improved significantly.

So there you have it, a shameless show of stuffing a blog full of anchor text keywords linked back to our center websites. Next week, I will be back to trying to write my blog posts with good information on marketing and other relevant information.

You can always contact us at the following AlphaGraphics websites:

AlphaGraphics Mesa Printing and Marketing FaceBook Fan Page
AlphaGraphics Tempe Printing and Marketing FaceBook Fan Page
AlphaGraphics Phoenix Printing and Marketing FaceBook Fan Page

Twitter: @steveadams291
LinkedIn: stepheneugeneadams

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Posted by admin

  1. Tracy Albrant July 21, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    You’re a great writer, Steve. You can even make the printing business sound interesting lol

  2. Thanks Tracy. Do you know that when you worked with us there was no Internet or email. We could not run our business today without those two tools. Good to hear from you again.

  3. I know! How did we ever do business without it? Although, I must say that this technology destroyed my industry in the long run (medical transcription), in America anyway. It’s been a boon for India and the Philipines lol. Using a printing business as a marketing expert – brilliant way to maneuver this economy and a natural transition, really.

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