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Service Business Makeover Bundles

Take your service business to the next level when you refresh your branding, signage, and digital presence.

Service van wrapped and branded to Pleasant Air

Unlike product retailers and manufacturers, service businesses rely on the quality of their service offering to attract and retain customers. Service businesses must demonstrate that their offering solves the needs of their target customer base — and then deliver on that promise. How do you show the quality of your service? How do you differentiate your service from that of your competitors? How do you exemplify your company’s values and assure customers that they will have a positive experience? The answer is in your branding. If your brand doesn’t reflect what your business has to offer, it’s time to refresh your look with a service business makeover.

Partner with AlphaGraphics to Refresh Your Service Business

Because the model of service businesses varies, each makeover is unique. However, at the heart of your makeover are the values you want to communicate. Do you want customers to perceive professionalism and quality? Approachability and convenience? Whatever your strengths, your branding should showcase them.

Next, consider how your customers typically interact with you (or how you want them to interact with you).

  • Do they come to a physical location to receive your services? If so, your makeover will focus on the experience every customer should have when they walk through your doors.
  • Do you take your service to them? In that case, professionally branded vehicles are a must.
  • Maybe you don’t even have a physical space, and customer interactions take place entirely online. Digital makeovers look at your website, social media channels, listings, content, videos, ads, and more to ensure you deliver a consistent brand experience across the web.

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What’s in a Service Business Bundle?

Standing out from the competition is more important than ever. Start with a service business bundle! Our service business makeover bundles quickly connect you with the products that will make a difference for your business, whether it’s in your windows, on your walls, out on the road, or online. Check out these options to find inspiration!

  • Marketing Bundle

    Whether you operate out of a brick-and-mortar location or online, marketing and advertising are essential for service businesses. You need more than word of mouth to grow your customer base. The Marketing Bundle focuses on digital and direct marketing to generate more leads for your business.

    • Website Refresh

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Blog and Content Development

    • Social Media

    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    • Google Business & Listings

    • Targeted Direct Mail

    • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

  • Brand Awareness Bundle

    With so many companies competing to meet the needs of consumers, getting visibility for your business can be a challenge. The Brand Awareness Bundle takes advantage of every channel at your disposal to build recognition for your business.

    • Vehicle Graphics (Full or Partial Wraps)

    • Vehicle Magnets

    • Catalogs

    • Hang Tags

    • Call-back Postcards

    • Business Cards

    • Yard Signs

    • Branded Office Supplies (ex. pens, notepads, folios)

    • Branded Promotional Products (ex. koozies, magnets, tumblers, tech)

    • Apparel (polos, t-shirts, hats, PPE, and hi-viz)

    • Digital Marketing (website, SEO, content development, social media, advertising)

  • Customer Loyalty Bundle

    The lifeblood of any business is loyal customers. Providing excellent service is key for winning repeat business, but keeping your brand top-of-mind ensures you get the call instead of your competitor. The Customer Loyalty Bundle supports your retention efforts with top products to make your brand memorable.

    • Branded Leave-Behinds (ex. Koozies, magnets, notepads, pens, stickers, swag)

    • Service Tags and Stickers

    • Pocket Folders

    • Letterhead

    • Stationery (envelopes, address labels)

    • Carbonless Forms (estimates, invoices, receipts)

    • Business Cards

    • Direct Mail Coupons & Maintenance Reminders

    • Catalogs

    • Leaflets

    • Brochures

    • Product Guides & Manuals

How AlphaGraphics Transformed Pleasant Air

Pleasant Air is a family-owned HVAC business and the third winner of AlphaGraphics’ Make It Happen Business Makeover contest.

After 35 years serving customers, Pleasant Air’s business nearly dried up when COVID-19 prevented their HVAC technicians from entering people’s homes. Now, with the worst of the pandemic behind them, Pleasant Air is ready for a fresh start. New construction is driving more HVAC providers to the area, so they needed a way to stand out from the competition.

The makeover provided by AlphaGraphics started with a brand refresh, then focused on applying the new branding across their service vehicles, signage, and online channels to bring in new customers who live in the area. Read the full story!

Door graphic
Branded trucker hat
Pleasant Air company business cards
Dimensional sign

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